Firestorm: The Nuclear Man #35
Written by Dwayne McDuffie
Art by Pop Mhan

I am sad to say that this is the last issue of Firestorm. After thirty-five issues, it is time to say good-bye. While the main body of this issue was only mediocre, the ending of this was amazing. We got to see Gehenna and Jason go off together into space to find the missing Professor Stein. Perfect…there really wasn’t any other way of ending this. While we will not necessarily see the resolution of this in this series, it will most likely be in Countdown so I hope no one feels cheated. Going off into space together was the perfect closure for this series and a good way of sending off two characters and a relationship that I love. It was a very respectful way to end it and I am glad McDuffie didn’t end it with like killing Jason or bringing back Ronnie, thereby undoing the importance of the last thirty-five issues and the build-up of Jason’s supporting cast. Thanks you Dan Jolley, Stuart Moore, and Dwayne McDuffie for this series. I am going to miss my monthly fix of Jason Rusch.

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