The Grand Debut Of An All-New Topo

Aquaman: Sword of Atlantis #50
Written by Tad Williams
Art by Shawn McManus and Walden Wong

Tad Williams begins his run on Aquaman with one giant fantastic issue. Seriously, more happens in this issue than in all nine issues of Busiek’s failed run. I loved it. Every moment either made you smile or laugh or at the end, frown. It was a hell of a ride. Williams is the perfect match for the new Aquaman and the Aquman mythos. He has fun with the concept but does not turn it into a joke. We are introduced to the Deep Church, an evil underwater cult along with a powerful villain who my guess is really Aquaman’s supposedly dead son, Koryak. But the best part about this issue has to be Topo! Yes, the octopus sidekick to Aquaman back in the fifties and sixties is back! Williams reimagines Topo as a very funny humanoid octopus creature who instantly wants to be the new Aquaman’s sidekick. I really dug the character from the moment he first speaks. This was a wonderful issue. I hope Williams sticks to this quality throughout his run.

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