That Good Of A Guy

Nightwing #129
Written by Marv Wolfman
Art by Jamal Igle and Keith Champagne

This was a pretty good issue. I enjoted. Despite the cover, Nightwing never comes into contact with the new villains, Bride and Groom, but we do see what is happening with them. They have kidnapped some women for some reason. Not sure why, it is not explained. Otherwise, this is a nice day in the life kind of issue. We really get into Dick’s head. He even goes back to Gotham for Bruce’s party. It is nice to see the Dick hasn’t forgotten his roots. Wolfman loves to write Dick’s thoughts and you could tell in this issue and unlike other people, he doesn’t overdo it. It is just right. I especially liked the part where Dick thinks about how he tends to get too close to the people he helps, unlike Batman. I think that is an interesting observation by Wolfman, almost all writers have portrayed Nightwing taking an active interest in the lives of the people he save and such. Dick is just that good of a guy.

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