Teen Titans (Volume 3) #43
Written by Geoff Johns
Art by Tony Daniel and Jonathan Glapion

Man, I just love you Geoff Johns. You are the best! This issue single-handedly restored my faith in DC. Batgirl is fixed! Cassandra Cain went rogue because she was being drugged, not on her own free will (if she did, it would be totally out of character). PRAISE THE LORD!!!!! I am so happy lol. I did a happy dance after reading this issue. Now even ignoring the whole Batgirl thing, this issue was still amazing. It was filled with action and so many great moments. Johns introduces us to the new Titans East with a bam. Everyone of them is interesting. Kid Crusader, Match, Risk, Sun Girl, Batgirl, Riddler’s Daughter, and Intertia, Joker’s Daughter. I am dying to find out more about this team and their kickass new headquarters. Oh and the art was damn near perfect. This arc is well-worth they hype so far.

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