Superman: An Angel of God?

Superman #659
Written by Kurt Busiek and Fabian Nicieza
Art by Carlos Pacheco, Peter Vale, and Jesus Merino

This was a nice little inspirational story about an old woman who believed Superman was an angel because everytime she prayed for help Superman would be there. I think this was a wonderful issue. It really showed how this can be both a good thing – Superman inspiring people, but at the same time it is dangerous because he isn’t an angel, just a man. He can’t be everywhere at once. I really enjoyed this issue. It was very nice. Especially since these days we don’t get many one-shot Superman stories so this was a nice breather. The woman reminded me a lot of my own grandmother and her unwaivering faith. What I was wondering was the creature he was fighting in Antartica one of the Appalexians? This could could easily be set during the time of the founding of the JLA. That would be a nice use of continuity if it is.

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