Batman 661 – 663

Batman #661
Written by John Ostrander
Art by Tom Mandrake

While not much happens in this issue; it is just one big fight scene in the gotham opera house- it was still a good fight and pretty cool. Grotesk really lives up to his name. He is gross. Decent issue.

Batman #662
Written by John Ostrander
Art by Tom Mandrake

This issue was a lot better than the last. This concludes the Grotesk arc and I think it concluded this dark story pretty well. Grotesk is now frozen and his sister dead. He really was a psycho and I really can’t sympathize with him as I did before. Especially now since he killed his own sister. This was fine fill-in arc. I enjoyed it.

Batman #663
Written by Written by Grant Morrison
Art by John Van Fleet

I really don’t hate this issue as much as everyone else does, but I definitely hate it. I mean when I buy a comic, all I ask for at the bare minimum is word balloons and panels. This was a story book. If I wanted to buy a story book I would have, but I didn’t. I think that is how most people felt about Morrison writing a novella in the disguise of a comic. Story-wise it wasn’t bad but it would have been so much better in comic form with non-digital art. I don’t know what Grant was thinking. It was nice to see Harley Quinn again and everything and I liked Grant’ explanation of Joker’s personalities but it is hard to get past the fact that this isn’t a comic. This was a failed experiment by DC. I hope this never is done again.

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