Stuart Moore’s New Years Good Bye

Firestorm: The Nuclear Man #32
Written by Stuart Moore
Art by Jamal Ingle

This is Stuart Moore’s last issue on this title and honestly, I am sad to see him go. You can feel in his writing that Moore cared about Firestorm and he truly enjoyed writing what he wrote. It is sad it didn’t sell so well and that is why he is leaving it. If the next writer is half as good as Stuart Moore was on this title, I will be happy. Moore has built a nice supporting cast around Firestorm and I hope that the new writer continues this and doesn’t just throw them (ala everytime someone take over Wonder Woman) This was really a quiet issue, but a good one at that. We are shown Jason thinking about his relationships with people as the new year rolls in. I can really relate to that and I think most people can that you reflect on your relationships with friends and family on new years and it is nice to see a superhero do the same.

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