Very Very Boring

Robin #157
Written by Adam Beechen
Art by Frazer Irving

This issue was just boring. I mean, I really enjoy Beechen’s writing on this title (besides the whole Cassandra Cain bullshit) but this was just blah. Nothing really happens in this issue. Robin makes a date with a girl and finds a cat who get attacked by a monster. I could see where something like that could work, but it doesn’t work here. It is just boring, I finished the issue thinking what the heck happened here…it did not seem like anything occured in the entire issue. Lame effort by Adam Beechen and definitely decompressed. The cover announced Klarion is in the issue, but he doesn’t appear till the final page! If DC really wanted to make it exciting, they shouldn’t have announced it on the cover.The art, while not bad, is a little dissapointing compared to Freddie Williams’s art on this title.

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