Detective Comics 821 – 824

Detective Comics #821
Written by Paul Dini

Art by J.H. Williams III

This was a decent first issue for Paul Dini’s run on ‘Tec. He creates a new villain (one of his specialties) and explore the world of upper class Gotham City, something we rarely get a glimpse of. Good Issue, the only problem I have is the cover. Batman just looks odd.

Detective Comics #822
Written by Paul Dini
Art by Don Kramer

This single issue story just blew me away. Dini certainly knows how to write two things: mystery and Batman Villains. Seeing the Riddler in his classic get up made my smile with glee. I like the Riddler has (sort of) gone to the side of good and is working as a fame seeking detective, even though I know eventually he will be a villain again. The ending of this story is great, it proves once again that Batman is a better detective than anyone in Gotham, including the Riddler. Highly reccomended.

Detecive Comics #823
Written by Paul Dini
Art by Joe Benitez and Victor Llama
Cover by Simone Bianchi

Paul Dini is an amazing Batman writer. I hope DC keeps him on Detective forever, I don’t think he will ever run out of stories to tell. I mean he wrote so many for Batman: The Animated Series and now this; he will never stop. This issue focuses on Poison Ivy and a sick obsession she has with feeding live people to carnivorous plants. It is just creepy, especially for someone like myself who owns a venus flytrap. Apparently while doing this, she fused the souls of these people with plant matter and created a new being called Harvest. While souls and such is kinda out there for a Batman story, I think I will let it slide because Dini is such a great storyteller. The art was just weird at points, not sure if I liked it or not.

Detective Comics #824
Written by Paul Dini
Art by Don Kramer and Wayne Faucher
Cover by Simone Bianchi

Dini keeps hitting them out of the park for me and is quickly becoming one of my favorite writers. His stories are intriguing and fun. The art her is great, as always when a comic is done by Don Kramer. Just like the Riddler, the Penguin says he is going straight and is reopening the Iceberg Lounge, although Batman does not trust him. I loved Bruce Wayne’s date, it made me laugh, she reminded me of Paris Hilton or someone like that. Oh and seeing Lois Lane is always a plus. Another great issue!

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