Batman 655 – 657

Batman #655
Written by Grant Morrison

Art and Cover by Andy Kubert

Grant Morrison begins what will hopefully be an excellent run this issue. He starts a story that may change Batman’s world forever. The idea that Batman had a son with Talia has been around since the son of the demon graphic novel from years ago. DC never stated if it was continuity or not, but now it for sure is. Talia makes sure that Batman knows of his son by sending an army of man-bats after him. Very cool. The only problem I have with the plot is why wouldn’t Talia mention this to Batman before? I hope they explain that. Besides that minor problem, I love this issue. The art is great. There are so many great moments inlcuding the “There goes my vacation” line by Batman and Commisioner Gordon going all joker crazy. I would also like to see what will come of the Joker after being shot point blank in the head.

Batman #656
Written by Grant Morrison
Art and Cover by Andy Kubert

The battle with the man-bats continues this issue and in the end, Talia leaves Batman with his son. I am starting to wonder if this is a good idea or not, is this truly Bruce’s son? If it is, a lot of things are going to change for Batman. The art continues to impress and I could not wait for the next issue after reading this.

Batman #657
Written by Grant Morrison
Art and Cover by Andy Kubert

We finally get to meet the son of Batman this issue, and he is…well…a real bastard. I really hate this kid. He is just a total dickwad. He murders criminals, incapacitates Robin, and most of all treats Alfred like crap. On top of that, his name is Damian; the most evil name ever. This spoiled little brat steals Jason Todd’s old Robin costume and decides he is going to be the new Robin. This is ironic considering how much Damien reminds me so much of Jason…and I think this was intentional. The art is great once again and this storyline is exciting and suspenceful. Morrison make sure Damien is unlikeable as he could be. Can’t wait for next issue!

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