Green Arrow Kicks Butt

Green Arrow (Volume 3) #62
Written by Judd Winick
Art and Cover by Scott McDaniel and Andy Owens

This issue was just a big fight between Green Arrow and Deathstroke. While that is cool, it is just too decompressed. If you look at comics like last month’s issue of Birds of Prey and this, it is sad. Birds of Prey had so much in a single issue while this had basically one drawn out scene. I liked Ollie’s statement about Ted Kord (Even though Maxwell Lord murdered him and not the society) and I think more heroes should be remembering Ted as well as Superboy in 52. I also liked how Deathstroke got his ass handed to him by Green Arrow and realizes that Green Arrow has been retraining himself in the last year (ala every other hero that was missing for the year) and I have a theory that he probably trained with with his son at the monastery. I am looking forward to seeing Connor Hawke and Speedy soon as I really miss them being in this title. I also have a theory that the national guard is after Green Arrow and not Deathstroke, but I could be wrong. This was a bland issue but get it if you really like long drawn out fight scenes.

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