Supergirl From The Loony Bin

Supergirl and the Legion of Super-Heroes #17
Written by Mark Waid
Art by Barry Kitson and Mick Gray
Cover by Kitson

The previous issue of this series was reviewed here. I am still not sure if this is Kara Zor-El or not. The dominators make an appearence and I think they said that they created this Supergirl but I am not sure. What I do know is that they alluded to 52. Which was cool and got me even more excited for 52. Supergirl here is well, a tad nutty. She actually believes the Legion is something she made up in her head and that it is just one big dream. I understand why some of the teammates are a little annoyed that she was given membership so quickly. I mean she is crazy. Although, I understand why, she did lose her entire planet and then ends up on earth and her formerly baby cousin is and adult called Superman and then now she ends up in the 30th Century! I think we would all go a little nuts too if this happened to us. Good Issue.

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