Bat-Baby Begins?

As you probably have noticed by now I decided to have each post have only a single review so I can link back to it later. I don’t know I figure it’ll be easier if I do it this way. So I may have several posts a day with different reviews not just one big post. Just FYI.

Catwoman (Volume Three) #53
Written by Will Pfeifer
Art by David Lopez and Alvaro Lopez
Cover by Adam Hughes

I think this title brought about one of the more shocking changes that one year later has to offer. Selina Kyle aka Catwoman has a baby. Not only that, but it is probably Batman’s baby too. I read another review where the guy swore that this issue implied it was not Batman’s kid but I don’t see that at all. The baby’s name is Helena and the earth-2 child of Batman and Catwoman’s name was Helena. Batman does not make it seem like it is not his child (nor does he act like it his child) so I think it is still a possibility that this is a bat-baby. This development is just fascinating to me and something I never would have predicted DC would do. Besides the baby stuff, I don’t know if I like Holly enough as a character or really know enough about her to really say if I like her as the new Catwoman. I think it fits in with Selina’s character though, if Selina had to choose a sucessor to her Catwoman persona it would definitely be Holly that she would choose. I would like to see where they go with this whole thing. This altogether is a good start for Catwoman one year later.

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